It’s Tumblr Tuesday! Here’s a few of our favorite Tumblr blogs of the moment.

Same Ocean, Different Day
A collaborative travel-art-photo project about the largest body of anything in our world, the Pacific Ocean. Submit your own!

One Boston
Supporters of all ages and origins have left notes, cards, and letters in honor of those lost or healing by the tragic attacks of April 2013. The City of Boston is preserving these important messages as a tribute to our collective strength.

Graphic designer using the tracing paper that graphic designers no longer use to rotoscope and animate short loops.

Cook Your Cupboard from NPR
Confounded in the kitchen? Your strange and surplus food could be dinner! Submit your stumpers, and we’ll ask chefs about our favorites on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Daily Dishonesty
Lovely little lies from a hungry graphic designer.

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